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About The Company


PT. Inti Graha Sembada was established on 23th November 2006. Our company is a general contractor and suppliers who is offering our client a construction sevice of building which is completed wirh the design. The client is ranging from public to private sectors of local and foreign firms.

Our company can also handle project starting from planning and design phase through construction phase including the maintenance service. In order to server our customer better, we bring excellent combination of team work, knowledge, skill, along with the commitment to customers satisfaction.

We are always passionate to increase customers satisfaction and contribute to the society by providing our core values that beyond all expectations.

PT. Inti Graha Sembada specialized in Factory Building, Pit and Machine Foundation. Our team members have more than 25 years in a rapid.

The company commitment to give the client quality construction product based on the contract requirement and statutory regulation and as a main contractor PT. Inti Graha Sembada take full responsibility in each of  the project.


Vision & Mission

Our Vision to be a trusty and famously (Excellence) company as a construction. We have Mission to build the future construction with the target Customers Satisfactions


Quality Policy

As a Company doingdoing business in construction services, PT. IntiGrahaSembada determine Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Policies which applies to head office and Project as follows;

- To excecute Work as scheduling and controlling.

- To Improve harder in realizing quality target customers.

- Human Resources professionalism with global vision.

- Creating healty working environment and considering environmental impacts in every working safety activities.


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